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As part of my blog, I think I’m going to do a series of posts about random things that float into my head.  Today – people who seem to forget how to drive properly the minute it starts to rain.

People in Florida are horrible drivers.  It’s a fact.  Is it because we are full of elderly drivers who can’t see over the dashboard?  Maybe.  Is it because we don’t even need to know how to parallel park to pass a DMV drivers test?  Possibly.  In fact, my brother told me that the person “grading” his driving when he went to get his license was texting the entire time.

However, the very worse of Florida drivers are those who just don’t understand the rules of driving in the rain.  First of all, the minute a raindrop touches the window, people throw on their hazard lights like they are Christmas decorations.  They thought process seems to be, “Oh, well, I need to let people know that I’m going to drive slower because of the rain.”

To those drivers, I have a message for you: Yes, I know it is raining.  And yes, I understand that you will exert caution because of the weather.  How do I know this?  Because I am driving ten feet behind you in the same exact conditions!  You don’t need to warn me if I in the same exact situation!  Also, now that you have your flashing hazard lights on, I can’t tell when you are about to turn because in most cars it is the same lights as your turning blinkers!  So now you are swerving though traffic in a downpour on slippery roads without giving anyone any notice that you are about to do so!  Yeah, that seems like the safe thing to do.

To be fair, I can think of exactly one time when I put my hazard lights on when driving.  I was driving three hours from Orlando to South Florida on the Florida Turnpike (a major highway) through a fairly rural part of the state (think farms, farms, swamps, and more farms).  The road was fairly busy and the Apocalypse just started, bring perhaps some of the worse rain I have ever seen.  It was dark gray and the rain was coming in big, fat drops.  I could barely see five feet in front of me and the street was reflecting a little daylight, which made the road reflectors almost pointless.  Instead of the normal 70 mph, I was going around 40 because I could honestly not see what was in front of me.  The only thing I could see was the hazard lights of the car in front of me.  So I turned mine on simply so the car behind me would notice I was there and not slam into my back bumper.  I believe this should be the standard for using hazard lights while driving – a total downpour on a busy road.

So to the people who turn their hazard lights on during a sprinkle on a city road know that you just look like an idiot and you are probably doing more harm than good. 

Thank you for reading my rant.


I’m sure there are a few of you (mostly non-musical theatre type people) who don’t “get” what my blog’s title is.  In case you have no idea, it is based off of a song from a very funny musical called Avenue Q, which is a great parody of Sesame Street and of life in general.  In case you never heard the song “What Do You Do With a B.A. in English?,” I have a video (well, just the music) here:


The second half of the track is another great song, but “B.A.” ends around 1:10.

I decided on the title because, like the character Princeton, it can be very hard getting a career after spending four years studying (but hardly ever practicing) theatre.  I still have another year to go to graduate, but I feel in just a few months I will be singing this song.  What do you do with a B.A. in theatre?  That is why I started my blog.  I only have a thin idea, so I hope you will all join me my magical journey through adulthood.

I feel that whenever I am talking to someone I just met we get into the conversation of what school I’m going to and what I’m studying.  The conversation nearly always goes like this:

Person: So what are you studying?

Me: Theatre studies.

Person: Ohhhhh [awkward pause followed by weird smile] Soooo….. what do you want to do with that?


Person: Oh, ok!  So you are moving to New York to become a Broadway actress, right?

Just because I don’t feel like dealing with anymore awkward conversations, here is what I tell everyone.  As stated in the previous post, I have two potential career that I do want to go into.  First, and more realistically, I hope to go into theatre production and development.  I want to be the person who hires the creative team and really figures out what the production is going to be.  It’s both being creative and business minded.

However, my current dream job would be to be a TV writer and developer.  I especially love shows like The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report.  I would love to write for s a sketch comedy show similar to them, like Saturday Night Live.  I would also love to work for a animate comedy or a sitcom. 

So keep following this blog to see what happens.  I am applying for every internship I can, hoping to work my way to the top.  And I’ll bring you along for the ride if something exciting happens.  Until then, share this with your friends (especially if they happen to work in the entertainment industry)!

Yes, I started a blog

So here I am, one of the millions of people across the inter-web who one decided that:

     A)    I know enough about something to create a continuous web page

     B)    I am bored with life and I want the rest of the world to share in my boredom.


Well it looks like I am more of a B.  I am currently in the summer between my junior and senior year at the University of Central Florida (go Knights) and working a part time job.  So I figure, why not start a blog?

Now most advice about blog writing (AKA the one website I browsed) advices that I find one topic that I am great at and write about that.  It seemed like a great idea, but I have a feeling everyone would get bored of my continuous Harry Potter theory papers.  Therefore, I decided to so the worst thing: I am just going to write what I want.

So what will this blog be about?  Well you readers will be able to follow me on the adventurous journey of adulthood.  I am about the leave college, which means the hunt for internships/jobs are on and I know some people who care will be interested in the quest.  I am currently getting my BA in Theatre Studies with a minor in English writing (emphasis on scriptwriting), so the idea of actually finding a real job should be interesting.  My current dream is to write for a comedy TV show, specifically a sketch show, a sitcom, or an animated show.  More realistically, I may go into theatre development and production.  Either or, as the Beatles say, it’s a “Long and Winding Road.”

Besides job hunting, and since I want to get into comedy, I hope to post things I find humorous in life.  Whether is random things I see on campus or observations on life, if I think you will like it, I’ll post it.  I hope that it will give me a sense of what works and what doesn’t work in comedy writing.   Also, who couldn’t use to laugh a little throughout the day?

In conclusion (this is how I end an essay, right?  It’s what the FCAT taught me to do), I will try to update this every couple of days.  Send me feedback if you like what I have to say.  Also, send me feedback if you think it’s a waste of time, just tell me nicely.

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