A magical journey through the world of comedy and tragedy – hopefully mostly comedy

Yes, I started a blog

So here I am, one of the millions of people across the inter-web who one decided that:

     A)    I know enough about something to create a continuous web page

     B)    I am bored with life and I want the rest of the world to share in my boredom.


Well it looks like I am more of a B.  I am currently in the summer between my junior and senior year at the University of Central Florida (go Knights) and working a part time job.  So I figure, why not start a blog?

Now most advice about blog writing (AKA the one website I browsed) advices that I find one topic that I am great at and write about that.  It seemed like a great idea, but I have a feeling everyone would get bored of my continuous Harry Potter theory papers.  Therefore, I decided to so the worst thing: I am just going to write what I want.

So what will this blog be about?  Well you readers will be able to follow me on the adventurous journey of adulthood.  I am about the leave college, which means the hunt for internships/jobs are on and I know some people who care will be interested in the quest.  I am currently getting my BA in Theatre Studies with a minor in English writing (emphasis on scriptwriting), so the idea of actually finding a real job should be interesting.  My current dream is to write for a comedy TV show, specifically a sketch show, a sitcom, or an animated show.  More realistically, I may go into theatre development and production.  Either or, as the Beatles say, it’s a “Long and Winding Road.”

Besides job hunting, and since I want to get into comedy, I hope to post things I find humorous in life.  Whether is random things I see on campus or observations on life, if I think you will like it, I’ll post it.  I hope that it will give me a sense of what works and what doesn’t work in comedy writing.   Also, who couldn’t use to laugh a little throughout the day?

In conclusion (this is how I end an essay, right?  It’s what the FCAT taught me to do), I will try to update this every couple of days.  Send me feedback if you like what I have to say.  Also, send me feedback if you think it’s a waste of time, just tell me nicely.


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